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We are passionate about clients.

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Welcome to Ralls Law

Dear Potential Client,

A serious auto accident, anywhere, can be devastating. Victims of car accidents in the Cleveland area may have to face an overwhelming ordeal, from pain and suffering to skyrocketing bills and lost income in an already tough economy.


If you were injured, or a loved one was injured or died in a car or truck accident, don’t hesitate to contact my law office. We provide a powerful mix of resources and over five decades of experience in handling accident claims.


We are here in the community, and here to serve you. Thank you for considering us.




Jason Ralls, Attorney at Law

Dedicated to Excellence

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Our Accidents are Reported Throughout Ohio


Working Hours

Our team of lawyers and paralegals work around the clock to help win settlements and cases for our clients.


Cups of Coffee

We get a natural buzz from the excitement that comes with practicing law. When that wears off there’s coffee.


Legal Issues

We have handled 100s of accident cases a year. Today we are proud to announce we’re still going strong.


Satisfied Clients

There’s nothing more satisfying than having satisfied clients. At Ralls Law Ohio, we’ll never stop trying to satisfy you.